Urêka, the uranium adventure

The history of Urêka: the French uranium epic began in Limousin in 1948 and the adventure continues today with the mine museum!

For more than 60 years, people have worked day after day in extreme conditions in the heart of the mines. For the first time, a museum pays tribute to these pioneers and their activity by retracing in a fun and educational way the history of the exploitation of this natural resource contained in the Limousin soil for millions of years.

Urêka is the product of territory, imagination and passion. Like the uranium that men were going to extract deep in the mines of Limousin, the initiators of the project racked their brains for three years to hatch Urêka.

Urêka, a great moment of discovery, enrichment, fun and relaxation for the whole family to experience as a playful and interactive adventure.