The visit of Ureka

During your visit, you will discover the history of uranium thanks to the film in relief ''Once upon a time there was Uranium''. This short film is made up of 3D animations, scientific interviews, archive images and extracts from cinema films from the 1940s to 1970s. And, for the first time in France, you will discover an extract from the cult film ''The Battle of Heavy Water'' by Jean Dréville which recounts a sabotage mission in 1943 -played by the real protagonists of the story-, against the factory which distilled heavy water for Germany Nazi Germany, in occupied Norway, during the Second World War, Urêka having been able to obtain the broadcasting rights.

You will dive into the depths of the earth with a route offering a visit to an underground mining site from the 50s to the 70s with a short detour to the camp of a prospector-geologist (reconstruction).

You will discover the incredible complexity of ore processing (crushing, granulometry, extracting chemistry, purification, etc.).

You will enrich your knowledge in the interactive space ''The core of knowledge'', a veritable mine of knowledge, objects and testimonies.

You will learn about uranium today, its current exploitation from Niger to Kazakhstan, passing through the great Canadian north. You can, at your leisure, virtually meet the geologist, the chemist or the environmental technician who will explain their jobs in these distant countries. But also the little girl of a Mongolian shepherd and her school, the daily life of expatriates in their living quarters: a real "à la carte" world tour thanks to a device inspired by web documentaries.

Outside, you will marvel at the staging of the ''Parc aux machines'' made up of old mining machinery, brought up from the mine, completely revisited and ready to return to service...

Have a look on our Street View virtual tour !