Urêka, the uranium adventure…

Join us and enter into the uranium adventure…

The French uranium epic began in the Limousin region in 1948. Today, the adventure continues…

For over 60 years, men have worked day after day in some extreme conditions, at the heart of the mines where Urêka is located today. It is to those pioneers and their work that the site pays homage, by retracing the history of the exploitation of this natural resource, contained in the Limousin soil for over 200 million years, in a fun and educational way.


For the first time, a museum is paying homage to these pioneers and their activity by retracing the history of the exploitation of this natural resource contained in the Limousin soil for millions of years in an entertaining and educational way.

Urêka is a product of the region, the imagination and a deep passion. Like the uranium that the men extracted from the face of the mines in Bessines, those responsible for initiating the project have had to dig deep for some three years to bring forth Urêka.

Urêka, a wonderful journey of discovery, enlightenment, amusement and relaxation
for all the family to enjoy as part of a recreational and interactive adventure.

Urêka mine minerai

Come down with us
into the bowels of the mine

At the Centre de Culture Scientifique Technique et Industrielle (CCSTI – Centre for Technical and Industrial Culture), the tour of Urêka lasts around 2hr30mins and is divided between two sites: inside the 850m² museum and outside over a surface area of around one hectare.


The Headquarters
of atomic research

Discover the history of uranium through an immersive 3D show-stopper. Dive into the bowels of the earth: tour of underground workings from the fifties and seventies and a geologist/prospector encampment. Follow a team of miners, who drill and dynamite the underground rock face and seek out the uranium-rich ore. Take up your post in the control room at the SIMO factory in Bessines…


Share in the everyday life
of the miners

By way of a whole host of audiovisual testimonies and interactive interviews, Urêka lets you share the everyday life of the miners. Ancient and original objects, often found on the far side of the globe, make Urêka a great resource for safeguarding mining heritage.